Monday, October 12, 2015

Some more soldering work

I have the pleasure to be able to get stones from a local lapidarist I know.
Funny thing is we bumped into each other again, after not seeing one another for several years and she found out I am making jewelry and so then she told me she actually polishes free form cabs!!!
So of course I had to visit and got myself several gorgeous rocks to work with.

I immediately knew what to do with the Crazy Lace Agate!
A free form bezel setting, always wanted to try that so I set to work with that one right away.

Setting this stone made me realize there were certain tools of the trade I really needed to have before I could venture out more into soldering.
For example I did not have the right underground to work on and it made making this piece even harder.

Now I have the right tools to work with I hope to make more new pieces soon.
I worked on learning how to make a prong setting next.

This first stone is a Bouquet Agate, with rocks this beautiful you want to try to cover as little as possible, so you make a base lining the back of the stone and solder prongs on that hold the rock in place.

I made a similar setting for the Banded Agate, again did not want to cover the stone since it would take away from the amazing detail in the stone.

Thanks for looking!! :-)

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