Monday, August 31, 2015

Setting stones

So almost a year ago in September last year, I set my very first stone, my friend Heather from The Crafthopper (...and Mama's Craft Room and Moon over Ewe Farm and Fiber Arts) helped me with my very first attempt in setting a stone. It was a carnelian of about 1" by 0.7", so quite a big cabochon to work with.
It came out pretty good, but most definitely was a beginner piece.
I finished it with copper wire 'stitched' around it and small carnelians hanging from the pendant.

So then several days ago I FINALLY did my second attempt making a soldered bezel, this time with a MUCH smaller stone, a garnet of approximately 6 by 8 mm that I bought from Magpie Gemstones
Of course it was much different in a way to set such a small stone, but I had a certain design in mind which called for this small of an adornment.
The new banner contest had been announced for the Magpie Gemstones' Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers group and the theme was 'fall' so I wanted to make a leaf with a drop in fall color, hence me using the garnet, I think it came out pretty good.