Saturday, December 6, 2014

2nd Annual Bead Hoarders Blog's here!!

First of all I want to thank Lori Anderson, the fearless organizer of this fantastic blog hop, for all the work she does, thank you for yet another fun event! If you click her name first of all you can see the creations she made for this year's bead hoarders blog hop, also you will find on her page the links to other participant's pages!

Honestly I can't believe how fast these past few weeks have gone by, Christmas is right upon us and for me this means making lots of jewelry for lots of markets!
I dive into the jewelry making zone and do not come up for air until after the last market, for me this means next week Sunday, last market in Austin at Gibson street artisan market.
I did also dive into my unused bead stash! Yes I do actually have unused beads!
The kind that stare at me accusingly;....'when are we going to be allowed to be part of one of your creations?'
I specifically have a little bag of pearls that somehow I do not 'see' anything with, so I forced myself to use one of them in this piece and fitted all other beads around it.
I do think I created a successful necklace, it came out pretty and I love the blue hues, I also used these pewter spacers that I never seem to find a use for....actually honestly I am pretty proud of this necklace! I'll let her do the talking herself.......

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

I will have to post later tonight! I'm at a show today and did not get my pictures ready yet, so stay tuned and please check back later!! :)