Friday, May 9, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party FINAL REVEAL!!!!

It is here, the long awaited day to reveal our creations with the Bead Soup we received!!
I know, a week later than what was announced in the Banner over there in the margin! --->
This was due to the fact that the absolute gorgeous and wonderful host of this blog hop, Lori Anderson, had fallen ill, please send her some healing thoughts while you read this....

Just to refresh your mind, this is the Soup that was sent to me by Evelyn from Raindrop Creations (You will find the link to her blog a little further in this post)

I absolutely love a good challenge but I must admit I had quite the brain rumblings going on trying to come up with something that I thought was splendid and not just...well.....boring, I did not just want to bead a necklace, I wanted that focal to shine!!!
In the end it was actually with the help of Heather of The Crafthopper that I came up with something, she handed me this gorgeous bundle of sari silk in the exact color that also appeared in the focal and there it was, that click, and all of a sudden I really saw it!!!
I really think it does bring out the focal the way it deserved, center stage!
The clasp to me was not nearly as hard to work with, it was just pretty in itself and so I really knew from the beginning what I wanted to do with it, it needed to be a very simple bracelet, so it really would be all about the clasp, since the claps had a heart I picked red pearl beads to go with it, to emphasize the color of a heart.....
So without any more ado:

For the necklace with the focal I used the sari silk that Heather gave me and added some swirls on each side with copper that could hold the pink and orange beads also given to me in the Bead Soup.
I had to add some of my trademark: I swirled a crocheted chain around the silk.
I also sewed some more of the pink pearly beads and some tiny dark red/purple freshwater pearls in the silk, I gathered the ends with copper to be able to attach jumprings which could hold the clasp hook closure.
I really like how it came out!

For the heart clasp I made a simple single Viking knit brass bracelet which I filled with deep red faux pearl beads and finished with two brass handmade end caps, I also added an extender of 'home grown' jumprings :)
I really think that also in this piece the given clasp is taking center stage!

I really LOVED this, it was hard but also a lot of fun, it is so different when someone else picks you your beads and focal and clasp to work with, but I seriously loved the challenge, it made me think outside of my comfort zone and I think that is exactly the reason to do a blog hop like this, it taught me again something new, working with the sari silk (with which I have now fallen in love I must say) so I am absolutely looking forward to the next Bead Soup party!
Leaves me to once more thank Lori for all the work she has done, you are most precious and will always have a spot in my heart!
Please make sure to hop on over to Evelyn's blog Raindrop Creations to see what she has done with the Bead Soup I sent her.
And if you are ready to see some other blog-hoppers, you find the list with all blogs that are participating here.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New display...

This week besides creating 8 new necklaces, several bracelets and some ear cuffs, I also worked on a new look for my booth; stands for necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings.
And I really love it!!
We are set up at the wein and saengerfest in New Braunfels today, still going to be here until 8!!