Thursday, April 10, 2014

There is music in the air.....

The past weeks we have been working hard to prepare for the 11th annual Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale Mississippi!
We are so excited to go there again!
I have emptied my camera so I got as much room for pictures as possible and the batteries are loaded :)
Today I am packing the car and putting the last finishing touches on some jewelry, I created some music related pieces and am quite content with them I must say!


  1. Very cool Ghislaine! Love the little instruments...! :) Did you use coin pearls? I like them a are so talented...I've not gotten that good at wire wrapping yet...Ev

    1. I keep forgetting to hit the reply button under the comments and not make a new comment, hehehe, so here goes, in case it else does not tell you there was a reply ;)

  2. Thank you Ev! I actually found these gorgeous red creek jasper coins that I used for these, but indeed pearls would absolutely look gorgeous here too!

  3. <3 Goed bezig vrouwke