Saturday, March 22, 2014

No market for me tomorrow...

I have been battling headaches since a couple days now and so I am taking a little break from market, sorry about that.
I am absolutely planning on being back next week 3/29 at San Marcos Farmers Market from 9 til 1 on San Antonio str.
The week after that on Wednesday 4/2 will be the Market on the Quad at Texas State University from 9 til 4.
We are also preparing for our trip to Clarksdale Mississippi where we will set up our booth at the 11th annual Juke Joint Festival on Saturday 4/12, we are really looking forward to that and working hard to make sure we have some awesome and fun art in our booth!

Besides the markets I have also been working to catch up to finish pieces for my 'Year of Jewelry' challenges, I am running a bit behind, but have several pieces ready that are only waiting to be photographed.

I also am working on a blog post to reveal the 'bead soup' I got sent by my Bead Soup Blog Party partner Evelyn from Raindrop Creations, again the waiting is on the, in this case processing of, the photographs, please stay tuned!

In other jewelry news: I got an awesome present made by the husband of my friendy friend Heather, an absolute truly gorgeous hammering block (tree stump plus anvil that has been set into a hollow in it!) so I have been changing gears once more in jewelry techniques and been experimenting with hammering, so much more fun when there are not things jumping all over your table!!!

Presented are some of the results, they are just telephone pictures and the pieces still have to be cleaned up, but I am liking these new things I am working on :)

Happy weekend to all!


  1. I love what you've done so far! Isn't it amazing how easier it is to hammer when everything's not jumping all over the table? =)

  2. Yes!!!! Thank you SO much again, I now can hardly pick which present I like more, my spinning wheel or the hammering block, hahahaaaa, I guess they have to share first spot! ;)