Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yes indeed a BLOG!

Seeing how many things are being created in Casa del Kruse every every day, I think a blog would absolutely not be a bad idea. Of course there are plenty enough blogs in the world, but for the sake of me myself even keeping track of all things that are growing from under my or my husband's hands, I think it would be great to see how things develop and how better to keep tabs on all things creative than through a blog! I know that even since I started creating jewelry I have already made so much progress and it is actually in that way sad that I do not keep better track of things, I think it will be enormously interesting to see where I will be at in a couple of months, a year, a couple of years! it is...the new blog.....the new CREATIVE blog! Why not right away add a pic of some of my latest musings in wire. Lately I have been experimenting with braiding, nudged in that direction by one of my BFF's and weaving based on the soumak style tapestry weaving hailing from the near east.... Some examples of both can be seen in this picture

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