Friday, February 21, 2014

How it turned out....

I have been busy with all kinds of things, some of which extremely exciting!
We were added quite last minute to the Gruene Market Days in Gruene Historic District.
This is a two day market so I was in quite a frenzy getting everything ready.
It was gorgeous weather and there was a good turn out, so I am already looking forward to the next time!
I also was officially added to the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party!
I am now working on getting my bead soup ready for who ever is going to be paired up with me and I SO look forward to see what is going to be sent to me!
Tomorrow I am finally going to be able to go back to the San Marcos Farmers Market, which is held downtown San Marcos from 9am until 1pm on San Antonio St. between LBJ and Guadalupe Streets
Finally I wanted to show you how the cross turned out that I was making.
The gray looking beads are gorgeous Labradorite, I wished you could see in the picture the blue and green flashes that go through them, but I have not yet figured out how to capture those in a photo.
The nice big blue bead in the top is a Kyanite, both gems come from Magpie Gemstones :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

On the table today

Most of the time, it seems like all creatives do, I have several projects going at once.
Today I am working on a cross inspired by one I saw from someone else in a jewelry group I am in on facebook, I am using labradorite in it, I think I like the direction it is going in.
I also added a crochet chain to a heart I had previously made as part of a scarf pin, so it now changed into a necklace.
And then there are the clasps I need in endless amounts, next up will be to hammer these for extra strength and then give them the antiquing treatment with 'that stinky stuff'.
Once the clasps and cross will be done they will be tossed in a tumbler for several hours to give them that finished sheen and harden them some more.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just something to look at

Normally on Saturday I would have done market, but today I did again extend my 'winter-stop' a bit longer.
It had been freezing last night and I did not see myself drive the Backbone with a fully loaded car with the chance of hitting an ice patch.
So I stayed home and enjoyed working on pictures.
Here is one of the results, it is a piece made with gorgeous piece of moss agate.
Again I used a braided bezel on this and it is antiqued with Liver of Sulfur (or 'that stinky stuff' as I like to call it)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Working on making it look good!

Of course I came up with all kinds of good ideas right before sleeping, you get in that zone between sleep and wake where it seems the brain is working hardest really seeing things clear. I hope I remember half of the things I thought about! In the meantime: of course Valentines day is upon us and it is that time of the year where I see many more guys looking at my jewelry with renewed interest, so I make the cute hearts and such for them to give to their sweeties! Here is one of the cuties I made a couple days the meantime, sit tight to see this space become decked out.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yes indeed a BLOG!

Seeing how many things are being created in Casa del Kruse every every day, I think a blog would absolutely not be a bad idea. Of course there are plenty enough blogs in the world, but for the sake of me myself even keeping track of all things that are growing from under my or my husband's hands, I think it would be great to see how things develop and how better to keep tabs on all things creative than through a blog! I know that even since I started creating jewelry I have already made so much progress and it is actually in that way sad that I do not keep better track of things, I think it will be enormously interesting to see where I will be at in a couple of months, a year, a couple of years! it is...the new blog.....the new CREATIVE blog! Why not right away add a pic of some of my latest musings in wire. Lately I have been experimenting with braiding, nudged in that direction by one of my BFF's and weaving based on the soumak style tapestry weaving hailing from the near east.... Some examples of both can be seen in this picture